AVK offers solutions, not just products

AVK Knowledge

This area is full of product information to assist you in the knowledge you are looking for about AVK products. Our goal is to provide a knowledge base which assists you with any question you may have about AVK Products or services. To achieve our goal we will be regularly adding to this area, so please, bookmark this page and visit it often to see the new ways we are providing solutions, not just products.
If you notice to the left we have a few different categories.

AVK Certified. In this section you will find several modules that will provide an overview of the products in great detail. These modules don't have the quizzes in them but gives a sampling of what we offer in our AVK Certified program. If you are interested in earning certificates for our products, please contact your local Territory Manager.

Installation and Maintenance area provides videos on all of our products.

Learning Bursts are micro lessons that concentrate on one specific topic. We cover a wide variety number of topics from learning the Difference Between a Corp stop and a Curb Stop to Changing a Target on a Series 34.

And the last section, Webinars, will have all of our available webinar recordings.