Every AVK gate valve, hydrant, and butterfly valve is stamped with a unique serial number.

The serial number holds a variety of information, such as:

  • the date the valve was built
  • the assembly line it was built on and who built it
  • the testing results
  • the materials used
  • the configuration of the product when it left the AVK factory
  • who packed it for shipment
  • the freight carrier
  • and the distributor or utility to whom it was delivered.

The serial number allows an AVK customer service agent or Territory Manager to quickly access the product information for that exact item, in order to resolve any product issues that may arise.

This includes everything mentioned earlier, such as materials used, and shipment and delivery information, as well as information to assist with ordering replacement and/or repair parts.

The serial number is located on the gate valve stem, butterfly valve mounting flange, or hydrant operating nut.

AVK is the leading manufacturer in our industry with the ability to perform full product traceability on every hydrant, gate valve, and butterfly valve manufactured.




Every AVK product has a unique serial number. This serial number holds information about the manufactured date, materials used, testing information, shipping details, etc.. Watch this quick video to find out more.