Hydrant Accessories

American AVK manufactures a complete range of hydrant accessories.

American AVK manufactures a complete range of hydrant accessories, including extending hydrant height and repairing hydrants, following a traffic incident.


  • Dry Barrel Extension Kits from 6-inches to 60 inches in 6-inch increments
  • Traffic Repair Kits
  • TamperGuard 
  • A PE base for direct fusion to HDPE lines, complementing our line of gate valves with PExPE ends 
  • A complete set of simple and easy-to-use handtools and hydrant wrenches


AVK Series 27 Dry Barrel Fire Hydrants

How to Install a Hydrant Traffic Repair Kit

Learn how to install an American AVK traffic repair kit for a dry barrel hydrant in this step by step tutorial.

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