Series 2780 Nostalgic style dry barrel

The series 27 hydrant is our dry barrel fire hydrant, meeting or exceeding the requirements of AWWA C502, and is UL/ULC listed and FM approved. Two styles of hydrant bodies are available, Nostalgic and Modern. All common end configurations and sizes are available, including HDPE. All hydrants are certified to NSF 61 and NSF 372, meeting all requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act.


One Piece Main Valve

  • This virtually indestructible valve is made from a ductile iron core, completely encapsulated in EPDM
  • One piece valve is corrosion-proof, maintenance free, and backed by a 25 year warrantee
  • Multi-part, main valves used by competitors require significant maintenance and storage of components 

Unique AVK gasket

  • Unique gasket contains a Stainless Steel insert that ensures the gasket seats easily and uniformly, reducing the chance of a pinched gasket
  • C gasket is used in three places on the AVK hydrant, further reducing the need for spare parts 

Stainless upper stem

  • Standard 304 stainless upper stem vs. steel with copper sleeve, standard in other hydrants
  • Prevents corrosion or freezing of water and splitting of the sleeve
  • Options include stainless steel lower stems and 316 SS 

Serial number

  • Every AVK fire hydrant has a unique serial number engraved on the operating nut – also shown on the hydrant label
  • Serial number provides complete traceability to the date the hydrant was built, and every operation performed throughout the manufacturing process
  • AVK is the only gate valve and fire hydrant manufacturer in the USA with a Quality Assurance program that requires serializing every product for traceability

Anode lug

  • Unique tapped lug and set screw provide a metal-to-metal termination point for cathodic corrosion protection
  • Can accommodate up to 2 - #10 AWG
  • May also be used as connection for tracer wire

Retrofitable/interchangeable parts

  • All parts are common to Series 27 Nostalgic and the Modern styles
  • Any design changes result in parts that are fully compatible with any version of AVK hydrant sold, since their introduction
  • Parts Guarantee: AVK will ship any spare part within 24 hours
  • Competitors have multiple models over many years, creating the need to store yet more repair parts 

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