Series 53 Ball check valves

Series 53 is AVK’s ball check valve, suitable for use in wastewater and industrial applications. Acquired from Hillen de Lelie (HDL 5087), this simple and cost effective design is rated to 150 PSI working pressure and is an ideal solution to liquids with suspended solids. Lay-lengths are to ANSI/ASME 16.10, the same as swing check valves.


Simple design with superior flowrate performance

  • Ball is the only moving part – constantly turning, self-cleaning, and randomly seating, ensuring long life
  • Ball moves out of the flow path for low head loss
  • Simple bolt-on cover for easy inspection
  • Ball can easily be replaced for simple maintenance
  • 2” and above are ductile iron body and bonnet, epoxy-coated to C550. 

Broad line with options

  • Small diameter valves (up to 2”) are available in stainless steel and with NPT connections
  • 2” through 24” are available with flanged ends. 
  • Sinking and floating balls are available in NBR (standard) and polyurethane for abrasive fluids

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