Series 85 Fusible ball valve

AVK Series 85 HDPE Fusible Ball Valves are suitable for a wide range of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Designed, manufactured, and tested to exceed leading global standards; approved for both water and gas transmission. Series 85 Ball Valves are seamlessly installed by butt fusion or electrofusion, making it the strongest element an HDPE piping system. Expect durability and versatility


  • Valves are available from ¾" – 6" diameter in DR11 and 2" – 6" in DR9 and DR7
  • Universal ball valves are suitable for gas or water; complies with ASME B16.40 & ASTM 2513 for gas and AWWA C521
  • Multiple DR ratings are available: DR11, 9, and NSF 372, meeting the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • DR11 valves are designed with a double reducer length, allowing for a second electro-fusion weld if the first one fails.
  • Body and reducers manufactured from high performance PE4710 (PE100-RC). This material is extremely resistant to slow crack propagation and can be welded to all PE4710 and PE3408 pipes.