Series 24 FlowGuard Wet Barrel Check Valve

The AVK FlowGuard II™, bi-directional check valve, is designed with safety in mind. In the event of a traffic accident, the ball will rise to seal off the flow from the main line. A small stream of water will flow, reducing possible water hammer and indicating the hydrant has been damaged.


One-Piece Ball

  • AVK’s unique one-piece Ductile Iron EPDM rubber encapsulated ball offers superior flow with head loss less than 2.5psi at 1000 gallons per minute.

Dual Purpose

  • The AVK FlowGuard dual purpose design offers protection in both directions. During normal operation the FlowGuard is designed to prevent backflow and cross-contamination. 
  • When the Wet Barrel fire hydrant is hit the FlowGuard seals to prevents water loss. 

Traffic Repair Kit

  • The AVK FlowGuard is easily put back in operation using our standard low-cost traffic repair kit. 

Ductile Iron Body

  • ASTM A536 Ductile Iron Body rated at 250psi working pressure.

Retaining Cage

  • Stainless Steel retaining cage eliminates any corrosion issues. 

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating

  • Electrostatically applied fusion-bonded epoxy coating meets or exceeds AWWA C550.
  • Certified to NSF 61 and 372

Mounting Hardware

  • AVK FlowGuard comes standard with 304 mounting hardware with 316 as an option.

Quality Assurance

  • AVK Series 24 FlowGuard are built in Minden, Nevada 
  • AVK Company is certified to comply with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard and the ISO 14001 Environmental Quality Standard.


  • Every FlowGuard built has been pressure tested to twice the rated working pressure as required by the AWWA C503 standard. 


  • AVK FlowGuard are individually packaged and securely crated for shipment to prevent damage during transport.


  • AVK offers the best Warranty in the industry, a full 10 years. 

Download product brochure

FlowGuardII Brochure

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