Series 34 Post and wall indicators

Series 34 is AVK’s line of UL/FM post and wall indicators for fire protection applications, to indicate the ON/OFF position of isolation gate valves, UL/ULC listed and FM approved


  • Easy access for target adjustment:  both wall and post indicators have a simple bonnet/cover on the top.  When this is removed, the inner workings are lifted out, providing complete and open access for resetting the target, based on valve size.
  • Wall indicators are available in three fixed lengths; post indicators are available in three, telescopic, bury-depth ranges for mounting on PIVs
  • Handwheel or handle can be locked to prevent tampering
  • Pre-cast, threaded boss is provided for supervisory switch mounting
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • UL/ULC listed and FM approved

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Fire Protection Product Line

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