Series 45: UL/FM gate valves 2.5”- 16”

Series 45 gate valves are available in a UL/ULC listed and FM approved version. Valves are available in NRS or OS&Y, and also as post indicator valves (PIV) for use with Series 34 post indicators. In addition to mechanical joint and flanged versions, we can also supply IPS and grooved ends meeting the requirements of AWWA C606. Series 45 UL/FM gate valves meet or exceed the requirements of AWWA C509. Since they are all ductile iron, they also meet or exceed the requirements of AWWA C515.


AVK bolting and gasket system

  • 316 stainless steel bonnet bolts will never come in contact with water or soil and are 100% protected against corrosion
  • Unique gasket has round inserts for bolts, which are countersunk into the tapped valve body and capped with hot-melt
  • Easily disassembled after years of service - but, you’ll never need to...

Stainless steel stem

  • 400 series Stainless Steel is AVK’s  standard stem material, providing twice the yield strength required by AWWA; Potential for bent and broken stem is eliminated
  • Threads are cold-rolled, work-hardening the steel, and ensuring smooth thread edges for low operating torque
  • Unique wiper-ring protects stem from contact with soil and water

EPDM wedge w/ captive wedge nut

  • Standard EPDM wedge is taste and odor free, stands up to chlorine and other disinfectants
  • Wedge nut is fully encapsulated in the wedge, resulting in efficient mechanical motion and 10X the open/close operations vs. competitors; Provides higher torque resistance and prevents rubber wear and leakage

Serial number

  • Every AVK valve has a unique serial number engraved on the stem – also shown on the valve label; Serial number provides complete traceability to the date the valve was built, and every operation performed throughout the manufacturing process
  • AVK is the only gate valve and fire hydrant manufacturer in the USA with a Quality Assurance program that requires serializing every product for traceability

Anode lug

  • Unique tapped lug and set screw provide a metal-to-metal termination point for cathodic corrosion protection
  • Can accommodate up to 2 - #10 AWG and may also be used as connection for tracer wire

Anti-rotation T-bolt lugs

  • T-bolt lugs keep T-bolt heads in position for secure installation of all bolted MJ connections

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